Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas presents :3

NYAAHA today I will show you my presents I got on christmas ! (:

first of all THIS was our chirstmastree
haha it isnt even a real one :D

So this is what I got : 
not contains grandparents presents

 what shitty quality ??!!
Okay here we go...
1. superspecialawsome hair curler which is 32 mm thick
2. a book for learning japanese
3. Scraper with fairies :3
4. a massage with stones voucher
5. MONEY ♥
6. Supercute HK swimming soap ( chris bro :3 )
7. Superduper shopping voucher for the nbg gal meet up ^-^ ( René i love you )
8. BAAAAAAAGGGG!!!!!11111one

Nya today we went to Renés Grandma and celebrate the 25th. She is soooo overdose freakin cute.
She gift me a DOVE set which includes body milk, soap, shampoo and conditioner and creme :3

It was so much fun to stay at her house but there was this mass of SNOW !! 
( i dont complain about. I love it )

Look at these pictures:
 This is fun okay ? but

 where tha fuck shall I walk ??
this was taken inside the train while wtaching outside the window and srsly asking myself where the fuck should I walk ?? Is it rly so hard for you guys of the DB Regio to clean up the path ??
My feet were so wet after walking the whole way back to the streets.

its not against snow its just against some lazy workers out there !!!

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  1. Hey tut mit leid ich hab dein kommentar iwie übersehen :D
    Aber ich denke schon, dass dir der Rock passen wird. Bin definitiv breiter als du und mir hat er gepasst :DD
    Falls du ihn haben willst, können wir das auch per deutsche Überweisung machen, dann is das viel einfacher oder? :)



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