Saturday, December 18, 2010


at work

Yesterday was a really nice day !
first I meet René in Würzburg and we had a cup of coffee.
Unfortunately they didnt have what I wanted so I was able to design a new one :D
I chose to mix milk with dark chocolate, white cream and caramel topping.
Nothing special but originally it was only dark chocolate with dark cream, chocolate topping and choco crisps. This would have been too much chocolate for me.

It looked like this. 
And me looked like this.
I still hate me smiling with braces but .. Idk maybe it just seems to me atm.
frizzy hair btw. fuck you winter weather.

In the evening I have been at the Labyrinth it was so much fun because I meet a lot of old friends and it was cool to talk with them but unfortunately I forgott to take pictures b/c I was so happy to meeting all of them.
tonight we are going to the airport again and I wont forgett to take pictures (:

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