Thursday, December 23, 2010

X-Mas present for my parents

 My sister and I decided to gift my parents a calendar with photos of us 
and yes we took them today :D
No good idea. The weather was shit so my hair got a trashy look. The colors werent also as good as we expected soo.. my advice to all of you guys NEVER START DOING/LEARNING/... SOMETHING IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE/KNOW/.. THE OTHER DAY ;_;

Otherwise it will propably look like this:
Nyaa trashy wintershoes fullfill my trahsylook :D
I never get wet socks in this !!!!!!111

Sooo... tomorrow is christmas and i wish you all a merry christmas


  1. ich finde, dieses foto ist eines von denen wo du super schön aussieht *___*



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