Sunday, December 19, 2010

From now on only stupid face pictures of me.

it's official now. I look totally dumbass b/c of my fucking braces. I have to take over a 100 pictures of myself  just to look good on 1. Well, even one would be nice ;_;

However, enough talking about my dwindling selfconfidence. And lets talk about Yesterday.

Before going to party René and I went to Sumo Sushi Bar 2 and ordered some nice dinner.

first Yakitori
main menue I had Sake Maki and René spring rolls.
 last weve eaten mixed salad

Sumo Sushi Bar 2 is very similar to Sumo Sushi Bar just in fact they havent got running Sushi.

Now scary-me eating a fortune cookie.

Im so fucking looking forward to get out these stupid dumbass bastard braces.
  New new new new Photo of TiCon 2010

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