Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lisas Birthdayparty // being lost in nowhere

wuhuuuuu !!

As I already told you Lisa invited me to her Birthday on friday ^-^ 
Since she lives near Stuttgart I had to took the train. The journey started a bit complicated ... 

I didnt want to spend so much money on a train ticket so I checked ( a place on the internet to find people who want to go the same direction so you can share the price :3 )
I found a woman and she said she would wait at the bakery at the train station with a white dog.
So I went there at 16 o clock and waited and waited and walked a bit through and waited... at half past four I decided to buy my own ticket because the train would leave in 7 minutes and she didnt show up. As I just bought my ticket and walked to the trains I saw a woman with a white dog walking to the trains too with 2 other guys...AARRRGG we could have shared the price /4 !!! She waited at the tiniest motherfucking bakery of the whole trainsation behind the corner. -.- This is the worst meeting point EVER. Instead of waiting in front of the BIG bakery at the entrance...oh lord. I was so pissed.

HOWEVER... in the train I read the cosmopolitan and listen to some music.
I had to change trains in Stuttgart since she lives in a village near there. 
Finally I arrived and the party could begin ^-^

We had some alcohol and a Benjamin Blümchen Törötorte !!! I love this cake so much <3

As you can see I bought her xuxu xD
and here is the cake nomnomnom :3

We also ordered some pizza !! We ordered half margherita and hald slamai-pepperoni but we only got a full salami pizza o_o like wtf... so I pulled off the salami and ate my pizza. So yummy !!
Later the cat showed up and ate my salami XD

we played some funny games with wii and then the other girls had to leave quite early.
But before they left I helped Lisa clipping in her new extens. She ordered her first ones and I think it looks sooo good !! Oh and I love her ginatricot shirt ;3

sooo... when I had to leave on the next day Lisa and her mum drove me to the train station in her village.
They both left and I noticed I forgot my phone at her house!!
I was like "oh fuuuuck what should I do? should I drive home or should I contact her somehow so she can bring my phone to the trainstation" I decided for the last one...
I ran around like crazy to search a callbox. It was in front of me but I was blind because of panik lol
When I saw it I immediately called my mum. She had the number of Lisa so I asked her to call her so she can bring my phone to the station. I waited for about 45 minutes but nobody came... so I called my mum again and she said she couldnt reach anybody and it was the best to drive home.
I agreed and checked the timetable.
I was so shocked when I saw that I had to drive about 5:17 hours and had to change trains like 4 times. I cried when I read this because I was somewhere Ive never been before, with no phone, completely alone and had to change trains in fucking nowhere !!!

I decided to check the timetable again but not driving to würzburg..I want to drive to Stuttgart first because I felt safer in a big city and not that completely lost. So I drove there and checked again and saw that my train will leave in about one and a half hour. Sooo.. I had enough time and went into the city where I have never been before but its so beautitul !!! They have a Buffalo shoe store omg <3 And so many clothing stores we dont have here <3 It was sunny and warm and after Ive seen all the shoes and lovely clothes and the beautiful city I didnt feel lost anymore xD
I bought some fashion magazines for the train and something to drink and eat. As I returned to the train station in Stuttgart I also bought a Bubble Tea but it was kinda weird...the staffs told me that I couldnt decide what I want...they had about 10  fixed Bubble Teas and I had to chose one of them...oh well.. I didnt care. It was yummy anyways.

After 6 hours I eventually came home. GOOOSH this was a crazy day. mums kinda angry because I just broke my phone at carnival which was about 3 weeks ago and now I forgot my phone again in another state of germany LOL

And a last pic of Lisa and me... how could we forget to take a pic together? omg XDD
We didnt notice until the next least to have one pic together we took some photos without lots of make up. And dont ask me why my hair looks so blonde in this pic ?? XD I have no idea why.

Later this evening I went to the Stylism event. I will post about it later or tomorrow with more gyaru-ish pics xD
Sorry... I dont know why we didnt take many pics together. But at least I had to tell a lot XDD
I dont want to travel alone anymore T_T


  1. ouhhhhhhhhhhh ich kann dich verstehen ich hätte auch geheult...horrorvorstellung ey qq hauptsache es war in deutschland ;_;

  2. ;A; aaah das tat mir so leid dass ich mein handy beim einkaufen auch im auto vergessen habe ;A; Ich schick dir das Handy dann morgen per Post los :3 <3

  3. I really like your top! The birthday party seems fun!



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