Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random shit talking without pictures

Oww... Im so sorry I havent blogged the last days..
Actually I wanted to blog yesterday about the opening of a new Bubble Tea Store in Würzburg but René hasnt send me the pics yet and I dont think Ill get them before monday D/

soo.... there would be only one thing I could talk about and this is my current diet lol
Ive tried a few proteinshakes (I just looked the word up but proteinshakes in german sounds more like a shake to gain muscles but I actually mean to loose weight..however.)
But the last months I just ate and gained weight /D (If I should tell you my whole diet story I would write for ages) 

My father has lost a lot of weight by using some kind of protein shakes. I think it is more than 15kg now. Then he told me he tried another cheaper one and he was NOT HUNGRY. I got interessted in (XD) and he told me more about it. Since monday Im using it and I dont have some weight results for you because Im still too scared to go on a scale. I havent ate that much this week. I ate 2 corncobs, 2 little plates of spaghetti with curry ketchup and yesterday I had my so called Asshole day.
Linda gave the days she eat shitloads of food that name XD
I had 4 pieces of pizza, a bit chips, 1 1/2 croissant with jelly and 2 blaster( windbeutel in german)
Next weekend I will weight myself and since monday Im taking pics of my belly that you can see if the diet is working but I will show you when it really has :D
Im also doing sports like sit ups some gymnastics and of course riding the bike (:
Now the sun is shining I want even more to loose weight again.

Another thing that happened is that Green Day announced some festival dates.
The first one was in Tokyo in August. Of course Im not able to go there... but then they announced Paris ( well, I think so. The festival is called rock en seine so I think its Paris XD )
BUT they play when I am in italy ): so I cant go there. I was so sad but THEN
They announced a date IN GERMANY !!!
Unfortunately its Konstanz. Konstanz is about 5 hrs far by train and 3 by car but maybe my dad has an idea but its not sure if this could work. Since my dad lives in Switzerland and he only has to drive less than an hour to Konstanz we can maybe stay at his place but this is all just thinking xD
I hope we can handle this somehow I want to see them so bad !!!

So uhm.. I dont know what to talk anymore...
later I will go with Linda to the Volksfest in Würzburg. I will show you some pics later or tomorrow.
I love going to the Volksfest (:

Oh and I bought a d.i.a item and maybe Ill buy one more (omg I cant resist buying d.i.a items when they are cheap on sale !!)
I will post about them when they arrived (:

So I guess...that was it. Random shit talking about my current life lol
booooooring I know :D


  1. Hey Liebes!

    Ich habe selber versucht mit diesen Protein-Shakes abzunehmen.. Hab sogar noch eine volle Packung hier. xD Und bei mir hats nichts geholfen...
    Ich hatte danach sogar wieder einen Kilo mehr drauf.
    Habe aber auch schon von manchen Leuten gehört, dass sie damit abgenommen haben. Jedoch haben die dann NUR den Shake getrunken und nichts "normales" gegessen. Auch nicht als vorgeschriebenen Ersatz, zum Beispiel in der zweiten Woche.
    Na ja, da sagt auch jeder etwas anderes drüber. :)
    Ich versuchs grad mit gesunder Ernährung und Sport. ;) Ist immer am Besten.

  2. Also bei mir hat MegaSlim geholfen abzunehmen. Ich hab 10kg damit abgenommen. Ich kanns nur ned mehr sehen weil ichs dauernd getrunken hab deswegen hab ich nach nem neuen Shake gesucht der hilft. Ich find Eiweißshakes super ^-^
    Almased soll gut sein aba davon muss man ja 6 EL nehmen und das is mir einfach zu teuer.
    Bodyshape von champ war auch lecker die hatten so geile vorgemixte shakes aba die gibts nemma und i.wie is des auch mehr zum Muskelaufbau und Slimfast hilft ganix. Jetzt hab ich Formoline und hab eig gakein Hunger. Ich hab nur 2 ma die Woche eben gegessen gehabt wegen meiner Mumi und gestern eben weil man 1 Tag die Woche einfach mal Arschlochtag machen muss xD
    Also ich komm super zurecht mit Eiweißshakes ^-^



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