Friday, March 23, 2012

want to go to funfair - come home at 5am

Awww yeeeah funfair yeeeah !!

On wednesday the funfair in our city had a Family Day which meant that there was a 50% discount on every ride :3
I decided to meet with Linda in the evening because a funfair is even more fun when its dark and all the lights are sparkling ^0^
Before we went there I had a Bubble Tea at Yummy Bubble Tea but Kiwi wasnt really my taste :s

When we arrived at the Volksfest we had so much fun !! I only had 20 euro with me but I was able to do all of these things:
4x break dance
1x fun house
1 Chocolate fruits
1 Bubble Tea
1x Jungletrain
2x Autoscooter ( bumper car?? xD )
1x Chesseburger

and then it happened.... we played some kind of coin game...
Linda spent 20 euro for it and I spent 5 but we just won 600 points. Then we asked what we can "buy" with these points and he pointed at a very small heart which looked like it wouldnt even cost 1 euro LOL
Then we asked how much a bigger plushy would cost and he said 25.000 points 
BAHAHAHAHA we are such losers :D
But in the end it was at least fun.

We came home at half past eleven in the evening but we werent tired so we decided to go to "Café zum schönen René" its like a small meeting point with a DJ and a bar at the train station.
Before this I had to get money from the bank. I only got 10 Euro because I didnt want to spend more money.  At midnight we arrived there and the first drink was for free and the second only cost 2 euro ^-^

This was my eye make up for that day btw

One hour later we decided to go clubbing LOL
We went to Odeon Lounge and there I payed entry fee and had 3 cocktails and all this for less than 10 euro XD 
We came home at like 5am and we actually just wanted to go to the funfair :D

Random pic of me because even if Im standing like an idiot in front of my mirror I somehow like it.

Now Im totally broke
and I still have to pay my d.i.a Top well, I payed for it but with my money I saved for japan next year so I made myself debts xD AND I have to buy my Ticket for Rock am See but its still not sure if Im able to go there !!! It drives me crazy. Since they announced Green Day as Headliner the server even went down ,____, I need to know if I can go there !!



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