Monday, March 5, 2012

Face Down Ass Up Thats The Way We Like To Fuck

Aww yeeeah electronic dance music yeeaaahh.

On Saturday there was this event called Stylism at our village. It was like a disco event and it was crazy !
I fell in love with the music
This was my outfit:
lol seriouse look

Lisa lent me her leoprint top :3

The music was great but the cocktail prices were too high in my opinion. I would have bought more if the money that I spent on the drinks would have meet my expectations about the amount of alcohol in the was like I drank water ... however. I decided to only buy Fanta after one drink xD

This was my make up for this evening.

We had to leave quite early because I went there with my little sister and her friends. Linda felt sick and she drove home to her parents in Neustadt ): 
It pisses me off  that I dont have that much party friends..I dont want to leave the club earlier D: I want to dance when the GOOD music comes ... I feel like one lonely motherfucker when Linda cancels my dates with her x: You may remember Chris. He asks me sometimes to hang out on the weekend together but he only wants to go out with his girlfriend and I dont want to because then Im like the 5th wheel on a car and would even feel more stupid than leaving the club earlier. 
grr... sucks. last pic to end this melancholic thinking 



  1. Voll gut das du so 'ne Musik hörst, das macht dich nur hotter XD ♥
    Das Top sieht voll gut aus zu deinen braunen Haaren.. und wie immer.. forever Boobs Neid ;0;

    1. yeeeah :D Aba sie werden wohl wieder kleiner, da ich ja wieder abnehmen will. Aba zG is das bei mir ned so schlimm XD

  2. Oh my god, ich habe mich sooo in das outfit verliebt!! ;__; und die haare, einfach nur perfekt *_*

    1. Awww danke *0* Das freut mich zu hören (:

  3. Du siehst so gut aus *____________* :D har har mein Top :D beschde

    1. Beschdeeeee <3 Seh nur so gut aus wegen deinem Top ;D

  4. oh~
    das top siet wirklich toll aus ^^
    steht dir richtig gut :3

  5. siehst ma wieder super aus ;O; *voll der Neid*

    das kenn ich nur zu gut brauch auch mehr Leut zum feiöööörn >0<
    die meisten geben so früh auf Q_Q



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