Monday, March 26, 2012

New d.i.a purchases

One side of the coin
 I love the other side of it.

In the last weeks of march I ordered these two lovely clothes from my favourite brand d.i.a
Its a leopard chain top and a black panty.
I dont fit in the pants now but I compared it to my old jeans and layed them together and they are perfectly the same !! Since this was already my goal before I have no doubt that Ill fit in those jeans (again)
I achieved it two times before and I will achieve it a third (and maybe a last time please?XD)

LOL It looks kinda like a swimsuit on this pic but I just layed the panty on one half of the top since I wanted them to be on the same picture.
 Also the panty looks very blueish on the pic but in real it is deep black (:

Dont worry, you will se an outfit post of the top very soon!

Later this evening I want to make a SALES POST
Its nothing special but I just noticed that there are a few clothes Ive never worn or just once to try them on lol...I dont know why I bought these.


  1. Nice purchases!!! *0*
    I'm looking forward to getting D.I.A stuff =__=
    Wanna see the pictures and the sales post!!

  2. oh ja kitai du musst unbedingt outfit fotos machen °_____°

  3. The collar is so cute!!! :D :D I love the outfit you bought!

  4. Wo hast du das denn gekauft ?? =)



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