Thursday, March 8, 2012

Unposted pictures

This is a post made of boredom !!

I have nothing to blog about and since I scrolled through my old photos...I thought I should upload the ones who never made it into an entry xD

Soo.. this has no specific order. Maybe I have something to tell about each picture but we will see ;3

Aww these two were taken in shibuya 2011 
and this one down here, too :D

LOL This one was made in the train to Erlangen. 
I was on my way to a HimeBerry Meet (: and somehow I had to laugh and

Awwww I cant belive I didnt upload this before...I think I look cute ^-^

 Yummy icecream :3
and getting ready for halloween on the pic down here

I just love my legs in this pic

These two are form the HimeBerry Meet in Fürth! Last year ^-^

 And this also... with Zaku :3

Two random shots. One in my bathroom and the other in the Asia restaurant nushu ;D

tried out some looks so weird without hair o_o

with Linda at New years eve !! <3

I look a bit like a boy...

In Switzerland with my sister <3

lol I hate when I really want an outfit but can not buy it because of my boobs ,_,
These thinks look awful with bras.

Denise and Vio dödödödööö...very old pic o; I am the one with the white hat xD

 lol...I have nothing else to say.

I think this has been posted somewhere but I thought it looks cool.

What am I doing?? 

In Shibuya 109 in the tutuha store. A shop staff took a pic of us o:

At Mcdonalds with a spongie xD

uwww I like my hair here 

Okay sooo...very random :D Maybe you were interessted in those pictures. I like them a lot :D I dont know why haha.


  1. oh mein gott, das dia-outfit.. das ohne haare xD das is einfach nur göttlich!! ;_;
    ich könnt mir noch stundenlang weitere fotos anschauen, einfach toll xD

    1. das is nich mal d.i.a xD Das is Black queen und Diavolo/Twisty ^-^
      Das is i.wie bisher das einzigste Outfit wo ich die Stifel mit kombinieren konnte xD
      Danke dir ^-^

    2. achsooo *_* muss ich mir mal merken! auf jeden fall eins meiner lieblingsoutfits bisher! :3

  2. Die Puris voll heiß ( ´艸`)

    love those boots!! you look super cute! ^^

  4. Meep. You look so cute in these. I really love that purple and black striped dress/top/whatever you've got. It's gorgeous <3

  5. wow! seid ihr cute >.< ein sehr schöner schlog und du siesht toll aus :)



  6. awwww sooo süsse fotos!! und deine haare sehen immer top aus *Q*!

    hab dich übrigens auf meinem blog getagged :3 falls du lust hast ->>>>>

    lg, lalyck <3 :DD



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