Sunday, January 16, 2011


Champagne pour moi, s'il vous plaît !

todays my super sweet 18th Birthday and I partied yesterday till the a.m.

We went bowling and guess who won ? NYAHAHA


In the evening we all met in Versbach where Heaven7 played and it was sooooooo much fun.

oh yes, my haircolour is another story.
I dyed my hair again so its a bit brighter than before. But on monday Ill dye again lighter and theeeeeeeen..
some natural blonde. Since I just got brown/red extents I have to order some new ones.
Ill order them if I see exactly which colour my hair got finally. So sorry for looking totally not gyaru this evening. However my hair will just arrive in over 2 weeks so. wtf.

We were dancing to hits like " 17 Jahr blondes Haar " LOL This was just so osm b/c this was played at like 22h when I still were 17. and blonde. so lol.

This is the first picture with me being 18.

no good quality but who cares now ?? I just got a superspecialosm camera but more lateeeer.

So okay here we are dancing  and having a good time ♪

oh yeah.. just another picture to reinforce the prejudices germans allways wearing this ^^

So what else... NYAAAAA

what did I get ?

JESUS can u see the fuckin differences between this photo and all the others I uploaded ???
I just got a freakin Nikon coolpix p100 and this shit is way better than my old Canon ixus 75 lol.

Im so flashed by this. Now u can look at my osmness in HD.


A bag for my camera.
Shopping voucher about 500€ in Frankfurt. ( Primark wtf  )
Hair voucher about 70€ Ursis-haare.
H&M Voucher about idk :D Thanks Hina and Terra ♥
Money from my parents to party hard.
Even more money from my grandma.
Money from my aunt nd uncle nd cousins.
Some bath stuff.
Nikon coolpix p100

Nyah nyah that was it. Thanks to everybody.

I just take one more piece of this yummy cake.

bye naaaaaaaaaoooooooooo. ♥


  1. neue camera bockt mal derbe! ♪

  2. alteeeeeer julia hat voll recht! krasse cam LOL

  3. Wieso färbst du deine Extensions nicht auch einfach..? ó.ò
    Ich glaube das ist günstiger, als neue zu kaufen.. :'3

  4. Ja günstiger schon aber gib dir mal das Ergbnis :D
    Es sieht nach 2 mal blondieren rotblond aus. Suuuper. Da brauch ich für mein Komplettset 10 Blondierungen. o.ö Nee ich behalt die lieber so^^

  5. dann schenk mir deine aleten und ich mach sie schwraz : PP
    aber nice fotos mit der kam! mag auch mal mit der fotgrafiern, wenn wir kaffee trinekn gehn packst du die gefälligst ein und ich mach awsome fotos von dir <3



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