Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sylvester 2010/2011

Nyaaaaaahh I dont have enough time to do a BIG post about Sylvester but I hope that ALL OF YOU GUYS were having a freaking good time so I just want to show you short selfmade videos about how I spent that superspecialawsum day. It was a bit confusing b/c my bestie was invited to another party at my village but I decided to have the right parting with him soo.. yeah. confusing running around from house to house :D

this is the firework 

and nyah. really emberrassing video about me, rené and our friends.

Nyah Nyah I told you :D
( i didnt even have my hair in ;_; )


  1. Süüüüüßßß xDDD
    Sonst sterben jungs doch wenn sie singstar spielen müssen XDDD

    Siehst auch ohne lange haare zum anbeißen aus Süße ♥

    Frohey Neues ♥♥♥

  2. haha danke dir. Wünsch dir auch ein frohes Neues !!
    Ja er hat sich nur nicht getraut dance it zu spielen ;D



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