Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still not posting pics of me

b/c I look so dumbish with short hair. I could cry ):
I am not able to do cute hairstyle with short hair. Honestly, I dont want to b/c I love long hair and I love ME wearin long hair :3

So u have to be satisfied with other posts just one more week I hope.

Ursis Haare mailed me
that they got my money so they hopefully will be able to send me my hair the next 6 days !! 

So two days ago I bought a new Partydress from Tally Weijl which was on sale so it only costs 5€

And of course I HAD TO buy this lovely bag :3

The only Partypic of yesterdays Powerday at the Airport including me.

yeah so good looking lol :D

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