Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Make up Stuff

Yesterday I bought some new make up and I decided to go to a local store called dm.

It was the first time I bought p2 make up.

Except: Powder Chocolate Manhattan
White Kajal Manhattan
Creamy Make up sand Maybelline


The nail polish isnt as good as I hoped ):
It doesnt cover. The essence and catrice nail polish Ive bought few days before are way better.

The mascara named " yes to drama " looks so cool ♥ 
However, I can not really see much of this "drama" on my eyes.

Before nd after

Noooop. But fortunately the other stuff is great :3

The lipgloss' colour looks yummy, sweet nd natural.

And the mousse make up nude combined with creamy make up sand and the powder chocolate fits my teint.
Nyeey Im happy ^-^

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