Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEW STUFF Clothing and nails

Just a short time kill post :D
Today I bought something very cute in H&M.

Its a white veste or something like that. Take a look !

I allready have an idea how to wear this. However, you have to wait a little for this coming up xD

Guess what else arrived today ??

Some of my sweet nail deco parts I ordered a few weeks ago !!

Im really glad they fit my nails. They arent too big so they are good to use.

omg my nail looks dirty ;_;

Ill buy some nailpolish the next days so you can look forward for new nail art . NYAAAY


  1. The nail deco things are really cute! And the vest too~

  2. Hüpsche veste <3333

    wo hast du die pads her? Die sind todesgeil <3333

  3. Thank you Pacchan ♥

    Ebay >D Geb einfach mal cute deco nail oder deco parts nail ein. Wenn du ganix findest such ich dir den Link raus :3

  4. very cute veste *-*
    and don't worry your nails don't look dirty =) mine look the same o.O and the deco stuff *____* I'm so jealous! =)

  5. awwwww~ die Nageldeko ist soooooo hübsch <3
    neid neid ;P

    und ... die Gilet habe ich auch, aber in schwarz, hätte die sooooo gerne noch in weiß gehabt ;A;
    Glückskind du xD




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