Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First School day in NEW SCHOOL !!

Oh yeaah uh-uh
Today was the first day of going to school again after 6 months !!
Oh gosh I was so so so so hyper nervous >0<
But in the end it turned out very well.
Linda, a friend of mine who went to school with me for 2 years ( 1 year ago )
is in my class now :33 Same class again WOOH WHOOOOO.

Okay uhm.. just a pick of me today !

Boo.. I think Ill tell you something about my "career" haha
If anybody is interested.. I was in too many classes <.<
Everything is written in german building system thingy..sooo.
Gymnasium is like the higher intelligent people go there^^ ( 5th class - 13 or 12th class )
Realschule is like intelligent but too lazy people or just dumber people ( 5th class - 10th )
Hauptschule is for the laziest people ever and stupid on the same time??  ( 5th class - 9h )
FOS is an easier way for people on the gymnasium.They go there after the 10th grade.
On the same time its a better building education for peope from the Realschule.

I first was on the Gymnasium until the 8th grade.
I had to go to the 6th class twice becaus I sucked at latin, maths and physics.
After the 8th grade Ihad to leave because I stil sucked at Latin D:
So I went to the Realschule which was the best class EVERRRRRR.
After I got my graduation I went to the FOS where I quitt this shit because of maths,physics,chemistry and all the other stupid things ._.
This was in february this year. Until now I worked in the local supermarket to earn some money and now Im starting my new "school". Actully its my work but I have to learn the job during the school soo.. Im a foreign language correspondent now :333
Ill have english, french and japanese tötötötötö.

nyahh...thats it. enough blublle blubbllee .

Hope you lke tha pics :3333


  1. You are so cute! You look like Cocona in the last pic ♥ so alike! xoxo

  2. Love the first picture, it's gorgeous!

  3. Du siehst so bildhübsch aus <3
    auf jedem Foto, so am Rande xD

    Ich kenns, nur ein Fach kann einem alles ruinieren, ich musste auch ne Stufe niedriger machen, als gewollt, und ja ._.'
    Dennoch, nun rock ich meine auszubildende Schule, so wie du es auch machen wirst! ^^



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