Sunday, September 11, 2011

White experience party pics

Yohoo... I dont have anything exciting to blog about D:
So Im just going to share some partypics with you.

On friday night there was a white experience party at the airport so I needed to dress white.

It was also kind of a single party so we all wore glowing bracelets in different colours.
Red meant in a relationship
green was for people who wanted to have fun
and the blue one which I prefered was I need a drink :D

It wasnt very crowed but I didnt care. At first Denise (2nd pic )and a friend of her shuffled around and Vio ( 1st pic ) and me just stand there like.."mhhh...<.< why is everyone able doing this ?? " and just "danced" a bit haha 
Later after a drink I decided to give it a try and WHOOO its so much fun omg *0*
Im not sure what Im exactly doing LOL and I dont care if its right but its so much fun really you all should give it a try. Thank god I wore my sneakers haha 

However something else....
Im thinking about a giveaway. What do you think ?? Do you want a giveaway ? :D
Im scared nobody will take part in it ,_______,
But somehow its time to say thank you to my followers O:

Ah and..atm Im editing pics for my facebook page. I want to upload all the pics we took in japan but somehow I cant find 2 of my 4 SD cards O____________O WTF !!!!

stay tuned ♥♥


  1. wie cool ;__; ich will auch so ne party XD ich würdauch blau nehmen haha

  2. OMggg you're soooo beautiful ♥
    I looove giveaways :) (also if i haven't won anything until yet xD)

  3. awww i really adore your new hair colour!!
    looks so nice♥
    and i want to seee your pictures on fb ><
    i hope you will be able to find the other 2 SD cards (T T) but i know this,,,,i always loose them tooo!! they are so SMALL!!!
    and if you would do a give away, i would take part in it :))
    i want to do a give away soon too maybe (^^)

    have a nice day and im waiting for a new post oooof yoooou~~~♥♥

  4. Mega coole Idee @ Party, ich will auch ;;

  5. wenn niemand an deinem giveaway teil nimmt. nehm ich teil hahah :D
    und geh das nächste mal net mit russen mit !!!!!!!



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