Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ramonas Birthday Party !

Ramona celebrated her 19th birthday at the local disco Capitol !

This was hella fun. ^__^

We wanted to take lots of pictures but we couldnt find any photograph !!
So we decided to dance at first and FINALLY we found somebody.
Unfortunately we didnt look that good after dancing but we got at least one pic in which we look good :D

uww I like this pic so much *3*

Ramona asked the DJ in the area "Alma" to play the song LIPSTICK - JEDWARD
and when it finally was played we were the only one dancing and screaming singing to the song :D


  1. everyone looks beautiful
    aw,doesn't anyone like Jedward except u?=D

  2. Ramona is the hyper Jedward fan NO 1 !! I was just with her at the airport because she had nobody to come with and me as such a good friend ( tötötö :D ) decided to come with her. I know so many lyrics because shes listening to songs all the time, stalk them on twitter all the time so.. I HAVE TO know something about them :D But Im not a fan or something.

  3. cool das dich mein entry gefreut hat <3
    ich muss schauen ob ich hin kann .-.'' bzw ob jemand mit mir hinfährt, alleine hin ist kacke q_q



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