Thursday, September 22, 2011

My hair is changing

My hair is getting lighter and lighter..
I like it even more now ^3^ but I hope they wont turn too light like..nearly blonde or something D:

Aaaand Im also thinking about cutting my hair...If I had some money I would definitely go to the hairdresser :D Since I dont have money left because of the Japantag I have to wait a little. But I think Im gonna do it. You know, if I have my extents in you wont see it anyway so wtf.

Just a pic with natural make up on. bodomm !!
( sieht voll dass ich vergessen hab meinen Hals und Dekoleté zu schminken DDDDD: )


  1. I really love the colour of your hair!!
    And your jacket is awesome too~ ^---^

  2. You're pretty with a natural makeup! :D
    And the colour of your hair is really nice, I'm thinking of going back to blond :P
    And I also want to have my hair cut! But...maybe later...xD

  3. I love your blog so much ! and I check it every day (OK.. almost .. sometimes I'm just to busy)
    love your hair ! I need change mine.. my original brown I think it's so simple and boring...
    Always you look great !

  4. Sieht so unglaublich viel besser aus mit dem Makeup.

  5. sieht so unglaublich viel garnich gyaru aus mit dem make up.



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