Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vodka Vodka Vodka

I would like to have all of these Trojka bottles !!

 Close up !
Doesnt they look delicious as hell ?? 

I bought the pink bottle for Ramonas dad whose birthday is on saturday and the green one as a six pack.
However...enough of alcohol .. Lets take a look at my new hat which I found in a store in St.Gallen Shopping Arena.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. This is the only good thing I found on my shopping trip to Switzerland ,__,
My plans were to buy some shoes but unfortunately I didnt find ANY shoes I like <.<
So I just bought :
Pink Vodka ( ~ 15 CHF )
Green Vodka ( " )
Shopping bag Zebra ( 2,90CHF )
Hat ( ~ 18 CHF )
kinda disappointing but who cares..
I hope Ill find some shoes in Würzburg when Im back again !

Look, i found something else I wanna show you..
 They even had Barbie bed linen <3 I love Barbie :3
But Im not sure if make up for little kids is the shit.. I dont know what to think about now.
Maybe make up for kids doesnt have this whole chemistry in it..however.

Last thing I like...DAIM ICE CREAM !!!

Close up of my outfit and Im outta here !!


  1. oh gott wie geil sehen die denn aus *0*
    das is ja liebe pur♥ also die flaschen+inhalt

    and you look good as always (^0^)

  2. Der Vodka OMG!! GEILNESS *_*

    Great outfit and hat!

  3. bring mir so ein verdammtes eis mit !

  4. Oh, diese Vodkaflaschen sind ein Traum! <3



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