Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bubblea Tea and Sushi !

Yesterday my friend Anna visited me and I was sooo happy to finally meet her in person ^-^

She comes from Baden Württemberg so she had quite a long way.
We took some pictures in our Bathroom after we styled up :D

why do I have such a big head ,____,

After we got ready we decided to go to NUSHU !!
Remember ?? The place in town which got Sushi and Bubble Tea :3 nyom nyom nyom =3=

Unfortunately green painted walls arent a good location to take pics <.<

Anna chose Coconut milk tea with litchi bobbas and I decided for Litchi milk tea with Tapioka Pearls ^__^
For eating we had Tuna maki, Kappa maki and Sake Maki YUMMYYYY

Sadly, I didnt feel very well. I had A HUGE headache ._. and I felt so sick !!
Since Anna had to go home anyway, I decided to call my mom for picking me up. Fortunately a wild René appeard  René came across and helped me to call my mom because my batterie ran down <.<
He cared about me and I had to barf. 
After my mom picked me up I had to barf several times
So when I was at home again I fell asleep.

Except of this I had a great time and Im so looking forward to seeing her again !!

Egopic to end this post. BOOOO.


  1. The pearltea was awesome :0
    Hahah watching GayMV´s while doing the make up xD
    Sorry for the short meeting so next time we´ll have a sleep-over party *-*

  2. wow very cute!
    love your make up!!
    glad you had fun together ^^



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