Friday, September 9, 2011

Bought new extens // Tried new Sushi bar

Yooo chicks whats up ??
Today René and I went to Mai Sushi. Its a new Restaurant in town so we decided to give it a try.
We ordered some yakitori and Sushi of course.
Unfortunately the Yakitori wasnt as good as we hoped. It was kinda burned and there was just Soy sauce instead of a yummy peanut sauce..
however, the sushi was great and not that expensive !!
The whole restaurant looks nice. Of course its not as good as Sumo Sushi in my opinion but its the cheapest way to get good Sushi in town. The other "imbissbuden" here sell cheap sushi, too but I think its not thaaaat good. But if you want to eat some other food I would go to another restaurant. ^^

Sooo what else do we have ??
Yeah I got my new extens !
Blonde ones.

I think it matches very well.
What do you think ??


  1. You're wonderful as always :)
    Your new extensions look really nice! Where did you get them? :D

  2. sehr sehr hübsch meine liebe :3
    siet wirklich gut aus ^^

  3. Wunderschön wie immer *-* 70cm?

  4. Ursis Haare as always !
    70cm yep. Just like my others the brown ones !



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