Sunday, September 18, 2011

New school - new MacBook ! Seems legit

Im back with some new infos !!
Since Tuesday Im going to school again as you already read before.
BUT here comes the new info...
every student has got their own MacBook =3=

the window is reflected xD

Im very happy about that because I just own a computer and a Mac seems to be very good for me since Im a blogger and Im now able to post ATM not just in the evening ,__,

For example I can now take my mac with me on the Japan Tag in düsseldorf, germany.
We will stay there at a hotel from which Ill blog so you can stay up to date ^__^

Another thing Ill tell you is my shedule !

Im SO in love with my shedule. Its better than I expected.
Next week Ill be able to know when I have japanese lessons. So excited >0<

Monday : school starts at 8:50 and ends 14:15
Tuesday : 9:50 - 14:15
Wednesday : 8:00 - 14:15
Thursday : 10:40 - 15:55
Friday : 8:00 - 13:10

I dont care that I have that long school because I can sleep longer :D I think its great to have some spare time in the morning.

I have these subjects : 
Translate from english into german.
Translate from german into english.
English grammar.
English speaking.
English reading.
Writing letters in business english.
French.( we do level A1. I graduated with B1. / A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 )
Social studies.

Yep I think that was it !

What about your school start ?? Are you as happy as me ? ^___^

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  1. oh cool du bist auf den japan tag villeicht kann ich ein foto ergattern :D



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