Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bubble Tea in Würzburg !!!

whuut tha fuck ???
This was like the first thing went on my mind when I heard somebody saying we have a bubble tea store in würzburg. I said nyaaa yes of course. Nürnberg hasnt got any and Würzburg does.. trolololol.

Its not a real bubble tea store its more like that our sushi bar "NUSHU" sells bubble tea, too =3=
Soo...its freaking amazing I think. I love drinking bubble tea and I feel like "home again" when Im drinking it. ( yah stupid. But I first tried it in düsseldorf and then drank it like everyday in tokio so the taste of bubble tea will always remember me of the time while we were in tokio. Its just like the smell of one of my favourite hair products which I only used at the time when I was in Hamburg so now this kind of smell will always remember me of Hamburg ... a bit stupid I know Dx )

And here just for your amusement...

René edited it with his mobil phone :D


  1. That's really cool, I want some store like that close to me too! Even though I rarely drink bubble tea because it's too sugary for me haha. But I want to try the other types they have sometime~
    Do they have a lot of interesting flavours?

  2. Mhh they only sell a few I would say about 10 flavours or something. I only tried Strawberry, Coconut and green apple at the store and green apple was the best and 2nd coconut. I have to say that strawberry is the worst I taste. In japan I tried melon and ( coffe, chocolate ?? something like this xD ) But here they only sell honey dew...and Im not sure if I like it I think I just like the normal watermelon xD

  3. Würzburg rocks! I'm from WÜ too :p
    I didn't tried it but I will :p

    sincerely Yonas :)

    Take a look @my blog :p



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