Sunday, February 26, 2012


meow meow

Yesterday I got so bored and I wanted to do something. I askes Linda if we can go out but she didnt feel very well so I ended up asking my sister if I can go with her and her bf + friends to the Airport.
I love her but..GNAAA shes too young. We stood again in line at 9:30 pm and I was like.."gush..Im getting too old for this" when we got inside nearly nobody danced because it was freaking early !! and everybody was so young ,___, I felt like I was 40 LOL

Pic of me and my sister <3
she wears heels okay? XD Im not a bimbo ,0, I just cant dance in heels! ( I used to wear heels for clubbing but since I got interested in this whole elctro shit..I need flat shoes!! )

Later I talked to some nice girls but they were also just 17. meow meow. This whole situation reminded me of me when I first started clubbing /DD
But well.. I tried to make the best of this situation since I was very happy that I could do at leat something instead of sitting at home bored again.
Sooo.. I decided to check the bar first /D Alcohol is always your friend in everykind of situation <3
So 4 cocktails later I ended up being drunk at only quarter past midnight BAHAHAHA

Pic of my sisters friend, me and her.
LOL just have seen that I forgot to "brush" this one out on my hair XDD Im so bad at editing pics oh damn.

So.. the result of this is.. I need some more friends /DDD
But I think its okay to not party every weekend until the morning.. maybe its good sometimes to leave the club earlier. weekend is going to be BOMBUS MAXIMUS.
On friday I want to go to Lisas Bday Party. She invited me *0* So I have to drive to Stuttgart for her :3 Im so excited to meet her again <3
On Saturday there is another great event in my village. Its called Stylism and its a house, electro, trance dance blabla event. IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT !!!
I hope Linda comes with me <3 I dont want to go alone D:

HOWEVER back to yesterday.
After dolling up I made some photos :3
I couldnt decide which one I prefer more LOL The left one is the original version.

Spam Spam Spam Spam
 havent glued on my lashes on that eye XD

oh and here I looked stupid.

 I tried using another brown for my conturing. Its a lighter one. I didnt like the dark brown..what do you think? or do you even see a difference? XDD whatever.

OWWW One pic more I want to show you.
A friend of my sister had Bday and she baked her a cake. It looked so good !! But I didnt eat anything of it..grraaa..would like to taste it o:
( johanna..y u no bake me cake for my bday???? just saying )



  1. Du. Siehst. Sooo. Gut. Aus! *__*
    Sieht echt geil aus das Nosecontouring und deine Nude-Lips sind auch Liebe ♥
    Und forever Tittenneid..
    Achja und dein Layout gefällt mir, nur schade das die Bilder so verpixelt sind ó.o

  2. I wish you were in Tokyo, I would take you to clubbing, girl XD I love psytrance and trance and some kind of electro, too. I hope you will have fun with your friend~~

  3. Aww toller Eintrag ~♥
    Deine Haare sehen so toll aus *-* schöne Farbe
    Das Club outfit ist heiß ;) *_____*


  4. Dein Augen Make Up wird immer besser!
    Und die Haarfarbe steht dir ^-^

    Viel Spaß schon mal nächstes Wochenende =D
    Bei uns gibts da auch ne fette Elektro Party, freu mich schon x)
    Ich liebe sowas. Und ich teile deine Entscheidung dann lieber flache Schuhe zu tragen, wenn man wirklich mittanzen will und nicht nur dieses sexy Booty whatever rumgewackel xD

  5. Man ist nie zu alt xD...
    Dein AugenMakeUp sieht super aus ;)

    Du kommst aus der Schweiz?...

    lg BiBi ♡

    1. Aww nee ich komme aus DE. Bin nur so 2 mal im Jahr drüben weil mein Papa da wohnt (:



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