Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dicht ist Pflicht

yesterday after work I went to Lindas new appartement :3
she lives there with 2 other girls which are friendly and we decided to go clubbing together!
We wanted to go to the Airport with a shuttlebus but the streets were so slippery the buses didnt drive anymore D:
It was like midnight when we decided to go and walk to the House of 150 beers to meet some more people. From there we took a cab to the Airport.

This is Made, a roommate ^-^

When we arrived I also met Ramona XD Sometimes I danced with her when I lost my friends and when she lost her friends she danced with us :D

Linda and me with mustache :3
Imo she looks like the guy from Fist of Zen on MTV XDDD

It was like..5 am when we left the club to walk to Mcdonalds /DDDDD
There we go...I ate 2 days healthy and on the 3rd day I went to Mcdonalds...Im such a loser .:/
Before we left we took a grouppicture !!!
Stefan(Stephan??), Made and Alex the roommates, a colleague of Alex and then theres me and Linda ^0^
lol I forgot to take all of my extens with me to Linda so I try to hide this mess on my head /DD
And heres a last pic of meee.....

we were in bed at like...6 am and talked a bit before we fell asleep.
We had to go to school in the next morning at 10:40...however /DDDD
Im tired as fuck now so Ill go to sleep.
Tomorrow Ramonas coming over and we have a mission to complete !!!
( and if I have enough time Ill go to Renés work // he works at a fashionstore // and he will buy me I buy some new stuff ^0^ )


  1. OMG, was hast du da für ein pornöses Oberteil an? *w*

  2. Your haircolor is so beautiful! Very gyaru, too!

    1. Thank you !! Im glad you say this! Im still not sure about and every comment ybout the colour makes me happy xD

  3. oh ich will auch paaaaaaaaarty *_*
    viel spaß mit ramona! du sahst supi aus :3

  4. looks like alot of fun(: and nice make up!
    CMPang x

  5. lange Nacht ja? :D
    dein Oberteil ist sooo geil *_* woher woher?

    (wer braucht schon wach sein.. is ja nur Schule ;D)

  6. Looks like you had a great time ^w^
    I like your pic,so beautiful >w<

    btw,if it's ok,pls come visit my blog sometimes.

  7. @Poo: ich liebs auch :D Is von d.i.a hab ich damals in tokio gekauft :3

    @Jenny: dankeeeee <3

    @Mai: Thank you Ill check your blog ^-^

    @Milky: Ooohjaaa...xDD Echt hard :D
    Mein Top is von d.i.a das hab ich damals in tokio gekauft!!

    @Sana: Aww yes I had ^0^ thank youu !! Ill check out your blog ;3



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