Thursday, February 23, 2012

Final carnival post. I promise :D GGA??

hows it going? carnival is over and I had a great time again :3
I had three different kinds of costumes

Lets take a look!

On sunday Ive been minnie mouse, 

on Nacht der Nächte Ive been a policewoman

and on tuesday Ive been a cowgirl!
(make up isnt finished and wheres my hat? mimimimi)

Last year I was a sailor, a bee and a lion.

I dont know how you celebrate carnival but in germany you go on carnivalparades and watch people on selfmade trucks throwing candy at you XD I have been in Switzerland,too but they dont throw candy DDDD: WTF they only throw confetti ): But this can be fun, too !  

maybe you can see the candy in the air :D

Soo.. this will be my last post about carnival this year since I wont go to Switzerland for Fasenachtsumzug ):

Im STILL editing the video Ramona and I made for the GGA. I wanted to do two videos out of it. One for the GGA and one Outtake video...but unfortunately we had bad lightning so Im finished with editing but now it comes to the cutting ,______, Ive lost my motivation xD

Lets hope I can upload the outtake video soon !!


  1. ahhh tolle outfits *_*
    und xuxu!!!

    1. alllaaa...xuxu is beschteeee !! :D
      Ich lieb des <3

  2. uhh wirklich klasse outfits. da war mal jemand kreativ :) gefällt mir

    1. Danke !! Ja ich mags ned immer desselbe anzuziehn! Also auf so "Events" wie Fasching eben ;D

  3. Das Polizeioutfit ist hot *-*
    Schade das wir hier oben so 'ne Karnevalsumzüge nicht haben, war mal wieder kein einziges mal verkleidet ;____; Blöder Osten, will auch mal richtige Karnevalsstimmung..

    1. Häää? Voll der Witz oda ? Wieso habt ihr des ned? Ewig schade ): Dachte des is in ganz DE so!!

  4. die polizeitussi ist das beste outfit :D aber gefällt mir alles

    1. aww danke dir !! :3 Ich fnd ja minnie mouse i.wie am süßesten ^-^

  5. I wish there was a carnival where I live -__- so I could dress up and get free candy ;__;! and you look so hot in your police woman costume!! *__*
    Loving your hair as always, so perfect!! and can't wait to see your video in the GGA! :D!



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