Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nacht der Nächte Carnival Party

yaaaaay carnival is here !!!
My sister invited some friends and together we went to a carnival party in our village :3
This was the crew
My sister and I wanted to dress the same ^-^
Later there I met an old classmate haha I didnt expect this XD
I went to the Gymnasium the 6th 7th and 8th grade with her.
nevermind my stupid face but this has to be on my blog xD It was so surprising!

The first band made good mood !! We danced polognese ( LOL I can not find a synonym for it or something..does this word only exist in german? XD do only we dance polognese? XD
please comment I want to know !!! )
They played some carnival and ballerman hits but when the second band started to play it was like.."omg I want to go home" D: SO SAD
but I found some funny costumes!! I want to show you some:


 omg the pringles man XDD

and at those two I had to laugh so hard !! The one with the baby stood in the dancefloor just like the real alan !!! HE ACTED SO REAL I just couldnt stop laughing :D

 ohhhh and those two !! great job :D

wwww...we went home at like.. 1am D: so damn early but we got so tired and bored because of the bad music x:
heres a last pic of the group. I look like marilyn manson dont you think so too ? LOL

meeeeeoww I want to go to another carnivalparty but I dont know when I have to work etc...I want to do another costume *0*
Have you already celebrated carnival this year or dont you celebrate carnival? O:


  1. oh geil!!!
    die alans *_* XD so mega gut! XD
    ihr saht alle toll aus *-*

  2. *0* You look awesome!!!!! Red lipstick is perfect for you ;)

  3. Boah die Kostüme sind hammer toll *w*
    Ich werd wahrscheinlich kein Fasching feiern, weil das hier oben jeder kindisch findet -.- Außerdem sind wir keine Karneval-Hochburg. Es gibt in Rostock glaub ich 2 große Feiern.. eine davon ist für Studenten (also nix für mich) und die zweite ist von so'nem Faschingsverein (Alterdurchschnitt liegt wahrscheinlich bei 40 Aufwärts XD) und die haben dieses Jahr das Motto "Krankenhaus" -____- Voll lahm.
    Dabei liebe ich es mich zu verkleiden und so ;_;

  4. haha, du hast cool ausgesehen!

    also letztes jahr bin ich aus düsseldorf geflüchtet! aber dieses jahr muss ich samstags arbeiten und werde wohl nicht drum rum kommen. mal schauen xDDD



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