Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Troglauer Buam AGAIN


I find some time blogging again !!
I have so many things I want to blog about but I have to do school stuff and go working gnaaa..
However..on the weekend I found some time for going on a local event where Troglauer Buam played.
If you read my blog for a while now you have to know about them XD
If you dont know who they are just take a look HERE

I have seen them for the...7th time I think. I LOVE THEIR CONCERTS !!

This is how I looked.

as you can see I put in my brown lenses :3
They totally match to my brown hair :D
But I like grey eyes more so...maybe brown eyes and blonde hair is better ^-^

I went there with my sister and her boyfriend
we had so much fun and even took a pic together ^-^


Later in the crowd I met Ramona. LOL I didnt expect this but I was happy about it!
Unfortunately we didnt take a pic together but she wore also a dirndl !
Sad thing that I STILL dont own my own dirndl BUHUHUHUHU I WANT ONE SO BAD

We had to leave quite early because my sister is only 16 and my mother didnt want to drive two times <.< MEEEEEEE. was such a fun night and Im looking forward to see them again !!

Later that day I want to post an inspiration post so keep being excited :3


  1. Wow! So ein schönes Dekolleté! Und die Augen erst!!

  2. You dont own Dirndl!? even i own Dirndl!

  3. :D haha das dekollete rockt!!! aber man ey im ernst du kannst sowas tragen, wenn ich sowas anziehe bin ich immer noch flach wien fisch.
    schade das du kein foto mit dem ganzen outfitt hast

  4. @Lenilie: Dankeee :3
    @CatzeR!na: oww gaaad I know. Shame on me !!
    @Tine: wenn du auf den HERE Link klickst kannste das Dirndl ganz sehen (:



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