Monday, February 20, 2012

Faschingsumzug Würzburg


Yesterday was Faschingsumzug in Würzburg !!
It was the first time I went there because of my bad bus situation I wasnt able to join the carnival parade before...but now I have Linda LOL
When I need to go on toilett we just walked to her house..I love her appartement XD
This time I dressed as Minnie Mouse :3 and lent Linda my police cap.

aww I know some of you have already seen this on FB but LINDA DOESNT SEND ME THA PICTURRSS.
She has to send me the pics of Valentinesday, the pics from clubbing at wednesday and now the pics from the Carnivalparade yesterday xD

I need an Iphone myself. OR AT LEAST MY MACBOOK!!
Have I told you already? My Mcbook broke and I had to give it to my IT teacher ,_,
He said I will get it back 1 week after the Carnival break AT THE EARLIEST!!

Oh and yesterday a friend of mine broke my phone -.-
She sliced it up the wrong side. WTF
In 2 months Ill get a new phone anyway but..grraaaa. 

heres another picture of us

I want to show you some costumes again!!

I found superman, ironman and this guy from xmen( or is he xman? lol idk )


and LOL I just wanted to show you NINJA TURTLES but then I saw something..really weird on the pic.
I hope this is a bottle of alcohol. Otherwise Im really confused LOL
(if Im the only one who sees this..Im officially pervert)

Now I have to go to work again...meeeeee.
Tomorrow Im going to another Carnivalparade...what will be my costume???




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