Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sushi and heavy make up

Helloo my lovely followers :3
Im back again with a new post !

I still have so much things I wanna write about so today I wanna show you some pictures of last thursday.
René and I went to Sumo Sushi for something to eat. Sumo Sushi is the most expensive place in Würzburg for Sushi but you get quality food so its totally worth the price.
We have so many Asia Restaurants and places where you can buy Sushi in Würzburg now...its amazing!

This is what we ate

René ordered a yummy chicken salad and I had some Sake Maki and Nigiri.

On this day I put on some heavy make up. At first I just wanted to add this little..I dont even know how its called XD ... line between my eye and my nose...this eyeliner line which Ive seen so many times on other peoples make up but I dont get why lol
I tried to draw this line but it came out to look a bit like a goth make up XDD
It wasnt planned but well... I liked it anyway.

Take a look!

apropos heavy make up... I found two old pics of me when I tried some AV GAL inspired Make that time I didnt wear lenses but I still wanna show them to you :3

lol dont ask me why my lips are that shiny. Thats the fault of the gif maker xD
I want to do some AV GAL inspired make up with lenses again !!!

Be prepared for another post this evening or tomorrow.
Theres a carnival party at our village tonight and I want to show you my costume etc...
so be excited :3


  1. So wie du's auf dem Gif hattest find ichs richtig geil >3 nur für meinen Geschmack 'nen zu dicker Glitzerstrich unterm Auge xD
    Und auf den Bildern oben siehst du aus wie 'ne Katze :D
    Jetzt hass mich bitte nicht.. aber ich vermiss die blonden Haare an dir .__.

  2. Jaaa omg das is mein Problem. Ich finde keine geschieten Glitzersachen ):
    Ich hab nur son fetten Glitzerstift gefunden mit dem man nicht wirklich Präzise malen kann XDD
    Ich vermisse sie doch auch ):
    Bin so aba auch zufrieden eig (:

  3. Wow! Sushi seems so delicious! I love your makeup! It is amazing!

  4. Omnomnom, I love sushi!<3
    I like how you did your makeup and lashes in those pics, but if you don't mind me saying, I think that next time you should try to do the eyeliner in the corner of your eyes shorter and thinner:)
    kinda like the 2nd picture here:
    I actually think that would suit you very well:*


  5. @Lea
    aww thank you ! Never mind tips are always welcome (:
    Ill try it next time but I think just leaving this part out looks nice too/enough xD

    @Nana: Thank you :3 I want to eat it all the time when Im looking at my own taken pics XD I should stop looking at them o:

    1. Thank you for not taking it badly, I really like your style:)


  6. I do that line, too XD
    You have to do it VERY carefully and it's more only a little dot than a line. It does look really heavy otherwise~

  7. ich mag sushi zwar nicht aber sieht gut aus :))

  8. the line is called "cat inner eye-line" for cat eyes, LOL. i do this all the time, every style i have ever worn, LOL



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