Wednesday, February 8, 2012


as promised Im going to spam the shit out of my blog 

Before I went to japan I wasnt sure about "my style".
I liked MA*RS and golds infinity and some rokku styles. I thought Ramona looked totally gyaru and I knew she loves d.i.a but I didnt want to imitate her because we already kinda had the same hair and I didnt want to be a copy caaat. meeow.

BUT when I went to japan I could finally see all the styles in real and try them on and when I saw the d.i.a store I immediately fell in love.
I asked Ramona if its okay if I like the style too   
 ( XDD this sounds so fucking stupid but I didnt want to make her thinking I want to copy her! I know a lot of people like d.i.a but as I just said we had the same haircolour, the same lenght the same height and we live in the same city soo...maybe you understand me. )

Yesterday I found some other d.i.a staff blogs and I want to share these lovely pics with you !!
I want to buy EVERYTHING XD
Okay not really but...92% of it <3 <3 <3

 A lot of people say d.i.a is an expensive style like some other brands but I dont really think so.
I mean think about it... t-shirts are about 50 Euro, some extravagant shirts or onepieces are between 70-90 Euro and the Jackets are about 130 or 170 Euro.
When I buy a winter jacket in germany I spend the same price for it so the jackets are totally okay.
Special onepieces and special tshirts are totally worth their price so are the thsirts.
I prefer buying a 50 Euro shirt witch nearly nobody else has and which print and style I really like and can feel special than buying a 10 or 20 Euro shirt which everybody else has and just is in the same odd colour as all the other shirts with no special print on it and dont feel very special.
This has nothing to do with being rich. It has something to do with priorities and saving money for the "right" stuff.  I like those clothes so Im gonna spend most of my money for them. That also means I wont have the money for expensive make up but these are my priorities. Everybody has its own. ya know what I mean blll

Okay.. enough blabla /DDD

Most of d.i.a stuff includes skulls, crosses, gold, and the colours black grey and white.

and looks like this:

But they also have some bright colours as well !!
Im so in love with the neon pink one :D

Here are some shirts with cross print:

and here with american flag:

They also sell shorts and trousers as well...if they are too large for you to fit totally know you should gain some weight immediately !! you are too skinny xD
baaaa *someday someday someday Ill fit in :D*


not to forget their popular belts!!

Here is a jacket in 3 different colours.
I think its always the hardest part to decide WHICH COLOUR ???

They also sell these awesome as fuck bras:
I want at least one of them. They will so totally not fit me but at least I wanna try it *0*

A pic of the nails of one of the shop staffs.
I love their nails. They are so colourfull and long

And here are just some random pics from their blogs :3

To me the style is perfect because its something special and on the same time so casual !!
You can wear it for school, for shopping, for meeting friends, for going to a bar in the evening. Some outfits can be even worn for clubbing so..its totally not a waste of money you invest in this brand.
Well, everybody has its own opinion but I just wanted to show you some pics and... maybe we can now dream together XDD

I hope you enjoyed this post :3



  1. So true! i have always loved D.I.A. though sadly i find i can find similar things around Europe-Especially in Italy, for much cheaper prices.

  2. toller post! irgendwie hast du mich jetzt von d.i.a. überzeugt! xD
    ich dachte immer d.i.a würde mir nicht stehen, weil es zu sexy ist. aber da gibt es einige sachen die ich mir kaufen würde! vorallem das shirt mit dem leoparden kreuz ist so schön!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah kitaaaaaaaaai ich weine mit dir , die sachen sind soooo geil!!!!! ich liebe sie auch über alles :D wir können definitiv zusammen träumen.... dadurch dass man sie so selten kriegt will man sie noch mehr!! Aber ich liebe diesen schulterfrei-style sooo sehr wäääh q__q

  4. i am always so impressed with this brand! great pics!

  5. Oh! I really like the tops nr. 2&3 in picture 3><


  6. I love D.I.A so much!!! Love gold details...and their belts!!! Soon I will have a new belt and a new top from D.I.A! (*o*) Thank you for this post! xoxo

  7. Amazing!
    very inspirational >:3 I love this style!!

  8. Aw! Das sind wirklich sehr sehr schicke Sachen *luv*
    D.I.A. gefällt mir wirklich sehr.
    Danke für die tollen Bilder *zwinker*



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