Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards Outtake Video Ramona And Kitai


so..I already told you Ramona was here last Friday so we could  make a video for the
Gaijin Gyaru Awards  together.

Lhourrai asked me if I could do a video with Himeberry but unfortunately Himeberry doesnt exist anymore but instead of Himeberry I said to her that I could ask Ramona and Barbara for hosting.
She agreed but we couldnt find a time where all 3 of us had time so Ramona and I made the video alone.

I will show you the outtakes of it :D We had problems with the light and my Nikon only makes videos in .MOV but I need .wmv so I had to convert it but it got so pixelated!! So I tried many many different ways and ended up in uploading it to youtube, edited it on youtube  then download it as .mp4 and THEN converted  it into .wmv and finally cutted in movie maker and SAVED. GOTTCHAAAAAAA.

Now its still a bit pixelated but not THAT much anymore so...enjoy the outtakes :3

( If we say the winner is on this video here doesnt mean it really IS the winner. We had to say that every nominee is the winner because we dont know already so lhourrai will cut it to its final result :3 )



  1. Man kann die Schildchen ja gar nicht lesen D:
    Na gut, man hört's dann ja, aber ich wollts nur anmerken XD
    Klingt als hättet ihr 'ne Menge Spaß gehabt, freu mich schon auf das Endresultat ♥

    1. Jaa ich weiss! Man konnte es auf der Nikon voll gut erkennen aba ich musste es dann bearbeiten weils aufm PC so mega scheiße war. Übel dunkel und alles !! Kp warum ): Naja..das rot sieht man :D
      Ich glaub am 25.2 gibts das Endresultat oda?

  2. sau cool <3
    Outtakes sind irgendwie immer das beste an Videos :'D



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