Monday, April 11, 2011

Cousins 18th birthday Party

Heyaa dear followers :3

2 days ago my cousin had his 18th birthday party.
We had a lot of fun b/c of goooooooood music and nice people !!
I was so happy that some knew me even Ive not seen them for over a year now.

The only thing I didnt like was the fact, that the only REAL food to eat was goulash -.-
yummy for vegetarians like me ! But ookaay I ate a pretzel instead without salt so.. whuu^^
(non real food are flips and sour worms )

My sister and I looked like this !
We were posing some shitty poses.
We had a lot of fun acting like this :D

You know when you are clubbing and you are going to get a good photo of you while anybody stupid thinks he/she can ruin your foto while looking weird in the background ??

Ya, we did it !! :D
Soooooooo fun.
I love my sister

Read more tomorrow about the GAL MEET AT FÜRTH !!
Videos Photos lots of fun.
We even got a new member !! SO STAY TUNED !


  1. nice outfit and <3....vegetarians have it hard. xD
    I always see my self eating just veggies and so on.


    omg ihr seit der burner, freu mich dass ihr nen schönen abend hattet : 3
    muss auch mal wieder weggehn >__> shitty halt wenn man fast nur tanzmuffel kennt =__=



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