Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GYARU MEET @ Kirschblütenfest


Morning readers !!

On sunday our gyaru cir HimeBerry had its second Meet up !
Also some friends came to join our meeting ^-^

René and I took the train to Fürth and cought up Suzu :3

When we arrived we had to wait for Melli to come so mine and Tanitas boyfriend took some group shots !

After Melli arrived we went to the Kirschblütenfest and meet Hinabi and Terra there ^-^

we had A LOT of fun. This was truely an awesome meet up. I love you guys ♥
The weather was perfect so we chilled out while eating rice sushi and slush ice ;b
Then we took more pictures  haha

I also meet Zaku again after like 50000000 years again.
I missed him q.q
Hes such a cool guy to have tun with whuu.
Of course we took photos,too XD

LOL  rené did a great job ;b

So whuu one pic of me

and now a short and not that good video but...nya. I tried XDD

(stupid dumbass video will be posted later. this shit wont upload for aggggeeeeeees -.- )

Thanks for that awesome day guys ♥♥♥

Byebeeeee ~


  1. cute pictures ;)
    you all look really adorable ❤

    PS: love your hair! the curls are L❤ve :)

    have a nice day (´・ω・`)

  2. you all look so beautiful *-* and what a lovely boyfriend you have, for that he went with you to the meet up ^-^

  3. und hier nochmal: ihr sehr alle so toll aus ♥
    wirklich schöne bilder *O*!

  4. aww das war so ein wunderschöner tag ^0^ kanns kaum erwarten euch alle wieder zu sehn ; D
    zieh die bilder gleich mal alle aufm pc höhöhö
    nächstes mal hab ich dann hoffentlich auch ne gescheite cam und kann euch auch mit bildern beglücken >__<

    das video is nice : D danke dass dus noch bei youtube hochgeladen hast, wird natürlcih auch in meinen blog integriert
    (lol der anfang XDD )

  5. Alle Himeberry-Mitglieder haben sooo einen schönen Style! ♡ Sehr schöne Bilder!

  6. FOO IST SOOOO HÜBSCH , du bist auch ok Lena ;)))




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