Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Garden Post

Yaya blabla
I know I was supposed to show you the rest of my shopping stuff but I dont wanted to take pictures now ^^
Im kinda lazyyyyyyyy~ so we just went out to the garden and René took some pics of me.
b/c of the stupid wind my hair went flat. YAAAAAAAAAA ( totally nope -.- )

 boobboost lol 

Ah ya BTW I bought this white x black shirt and these shoes !! So you will see some gets anyway..


On the left side you can see they are a bit small for my feet its b/c it is size 38 and I actually wear 39/40 :D :D
However..they were the last one and it isnt soooo bad to walk in ^^

I wanted to make a video but ya.. as always..I failed.
its kinda funny I think. If not its ok also ^^


  1. what awesome shoes *-*
    and the video is so sweet, your voice sounds so cute ~^-^~

  2. Aww how cute! LOL @ boob boost!

    Those shoes are very cute and thats a perfect shot as well 8D

  3. cooles outfit süße !

  4. Die Schuhe sind mal richtig cool :)



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