Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I ordered from rakuten

First of all:


so..since Im too lazy to take pictures of my other stuff from frankfurt and they are not THAT cool anyway.. 
I will show you what I ordered from rakuten with the help of Celga.

This lovely shirt / dress / whatever in baby pink :3
my sister says it looks like sleep wear o.ó NOOOOOO.

second this one in lavender <3

and laaaaaaaast... THESE AWESOME PANTS !!

omg omg omg. I want EVERY COLOUR. well okay I would like to have the baby pink, lavender and white x black most but WHUT..I dont have that money CRY.
So I just ordered white x black and lavender.

I didnt order these things but I LOVE THEM
( ya shoes. what else XD )

arent these sexy shoes ?? unfortunately they were sold out ):

So Im now waiting for these things and my hair to arrive then Ill be able to talk more about it ^-^


  1. OMG these pants are pure looove! I need one of these - NO I need ALL of them! xD

  2. I love all your buys *____*
    They are totally awesome :3

  3. OMG!!! I just bought the second sandals you posted...I ordered the black one ^^

    as to the pants I wanted the LEOPARD B/RED LEOPARD so bad but it sold out in a day!!!!I HATE YUMETENBO GLA for this!!!all I want sell out in a minute **

  4. if I cant walk on them I could send them to you ...agejo gyaru gotta help each other!! uh uh u,u

    UUHHH baby I live in Italy so no custom ....

    thankie for the compliments!the wig came and i made a two tone side bang ...that way i looks less fake on me. I dont post my sexy koakuma outfits n my blog cuz my BF is jelous and knows my blog ....I post them on my tumblr xD

    i shouldnt care about him that much xD dunno why I do....

    i dunno why but I'VE ALWAYS SAID I LOVE BAVARIAN GYARU AND I'M RIGHT!!!damn i wish I could apply to a German gyarusa u,u LOVE CHUUUUU


  5. Das sind HOSEN!? XD ich dachte dass wären hurige Röcke XDD
    geil :D

    kannst du mir den Link vielleicht schicken? oder sagen wie der shop heißt?
    ich kenn nur makiko..
    und auf rakuten kommt irgendwas komisches, wenn ichs google o.O

    liebe grüße
    Caddü // andersfarbig ( ≥ ᴥ • )

  6. Hey ich wollt nur fragen, da ich kurz davor bin bei Rakuten zu bestellen aber immer so nervös bin bei Online Shopping xD ob du mir n bisschen helfen könntest und ein paar Fragen beantworten kannst
    Wie teuer war der Versand für dich, und ist das bei Rakuten so richtig in Shops unterteilt, also muss ich für sachen von verschiedenen Marken verschiedene Versandkosten zahlen?
    Wär nett wenn du helfen könntest :D



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