Friday, April 15, 2011


Do you remember this ??

YAAA its my shopping voucher my parents gift me on my 18th birthday in january !!
and tomorrow it is time to GO SHOPPING AND SPEND THE MONEEEEEEEY.

But not all 500 Euro. I have to buy hair from URSIS HAARE and I want to spend some money on rakuten.
So there are only 250 Euro left. BUT WHOOOOOOOO SHOPPING !!!

We are going to Frankfurt because there is an OCS where I can buy EGG,AGEHA and maybe POPTEEN,too. And of course there is a Shoppingcentre which includes...
 A PRIMARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The name of the centre is Nordwestzentrum

So.. be ready on sunday to read my achievements and whatch out for the upcoming posts :

• What I bought on Rakuten
• My new hair

See you guys !! 


  1. have fun! oh and by the way don't want to kill your enthusiasm but everytime I was there they didn't have any egg =( but popteen is always available ^-^ just thought I'd tell you. but be aware the prices are quite O.O but well I guess that's what you pay for awesome stuff hehe ^-^

  2. O: Thanks for telling me !! I want to have the d.i.a mirror q.q But okaaay...we'll see.



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