Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New hair colour

Yoo chickas.
Yesterday I dyed my hair as I said before. HONIGBLOND !
First, I just bought one coloration b/c I had to look if my hair is going to change. 
( made awfull experiences before -.- ) but this time I had luck and my strand of hair changed !!

However, since I got just one package, I only dyed my extents. And I really love the colour turned out !!

here you can see the new colour vs the old one.
Old lighter one is on the top and the new colour is down on my extents.

I got that one problem before...
I never wanted it that light. So I was searching for a colour who is a bit darker. Something between brown and blonde. But it should be more blonde ! I thought about caramell blonde or honey..but all colours seemed to be... way too brown or..idk. Didnt like them
Then I found syoss honigblond and AWW fell in love.
After a while I was scared about this orangeish..I didnt want it to be orange blonde or too orange or even red !! But it turned out perfectly !!! Can you see the differences ??
Cant wait to dye the rest of my hair that colour :3
Its not too dark not too light not too brown not too red or orange...it is perfect for me !!!

So there are just a few more things on my list to do !!
• buy70 cm hair
• dye hair
• waiting for my lower lashes to arrive
• buy hot rollers
• get sexy clothes
• get GOOD make up

Another thing happened was this..


René and I. Arent we such cuties ? :D
As I told you the post before, we let us drawn by the man !! ahaha. Too funny.

Okay, thats all for the day. Read more tomorrow !!


  1. omfg XDD das bild is genialxDDD

  2. that's a nice hair colour~~!! ^^

  3. nice Farbe ♥
    aber dein Zimmer...
    hättest du lieber wegpixeln sollen x'D

  4. die Farbe finde ich wirklich richtig schön. Gefällt mir um Welten besser als das "Wasserstoffblond", viel natürlicher und weicher ^_^ *thumbs up*

  5. @ Caro : XDD Jaa haha das ist das Werk eines Tages q.q Ich versteh nich, wieso Klamotten soviel dreck machen >.<

    @Leah : Dankeee ich finde es auch 1000 mal besser *0*

  6. LOL! that drawing made my day!
    & doesnt it feel great when you find that perfect hair color shade!? <3

  7. die farbe ist toll geworden! so wie dus haben wolltest. xD
    hast du schon extensions bestellt??
    das bild ist ja mal geil! xD

  8. Love the hair~

    omg that is such a cute photo

  9. aay thank you guys :3

    @yaya+meri : Ne, aber nächste Woche bestell ich sie ! Spätestens bis zum 16.4 (:
    Ich bestell halt wieder hellblond und färb sie mit der gleichen Farbe. Nur diesmal bestell ich halt 70cm und extra dick. Was ich ja leider bei meinen 55 cm vergessen hatte :s

  10. Die Haarfarbe ist schöner als vorher! Ich mag blond und dein altes blond war auch schön, aber die neue farbe steht die besser und es sieht richtig nach honigblond aus <3

  11. by the way i know EXACTLY how you feel.
    i always wanted a hair color between brown and blonde, but a tad more blond. -_-'
    I've gotta say thank you! I am sooo trying out syoss!!

  12. Wo kaufst du denn deine Extensions ?? :D



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