Saturday, April 2, 2011


YOOOOO nice weather isnt it ??
Its sunny and warm and HUU I love it !!

In the Morning René and I went to the city for breakfast.

I had water ( actually I wanted to have orange juice but I hate the pulp in it and you never know what you get. with or without. I want to be sure and chose water xD )
a roll with strawberry jam and I also shared a cheese cake with my boyfriend.

After we finished breakfast I saw a ladybug !!!!! AWWWWWWWWW

First one this year *0* I love these little guys ♥

So I decide to shoot with him :D

( omg I hate my haircolour even more in the sunlight q.q Have to buy coloration soon !!! )

Thats all for now ! Later we'll go to the VOLKSFEST in Würzburg *0*
I love the atractions ♥♥♥

Read more later when Im home. 



  1. hübsche x3
    aw der marienkäfer is so süüüß *O*

    will auch mal nach würzburg X_X

  2. awww du hübsche >0<
    woha wo habt ihr da gefrühstückt *__* voll schickimicki mit geilem ausblick awww ich komm dich mal besuchen <3



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