Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tokyo Day 2 - Meeting Friends in Shibuya

Hello followers!

Its now early in the morning and I couldnt really sleep well because it is soo hot here ,_,
But Im not here to complain I want to tell you something about what we did yesterday ^-^

So Jasmin and I went to Shibuya to meet Erina, a nice japanese gal we know from Facebook! As we met her it turned out to be that we would be a bigger group. With another nice japanese gal, a boy and a girl from italy and later another guy originally from America but living in Japan for nearly 10 years now our group was complete ^-^

At first we did purikura but I dont really like how I look there.. the more I look at it the scarier I get XDD

After that we went to 109 for shoppiiing. Of course this time Jasmin and I couldnt resist to buy something from our favourite brand d.i.a hihi we also bought something from xoxo kiss kiss and I also bought some shoes from Flag-J!
The right dress is for Milky ^-^

We also sat down to have a Tapioka drink. Erina was so nice to invite us all!

It was nearly 8 pm when we left the 109 to search for some place to eat. On the way we went to the bank and I took a small video for you guys.. XD I dont know why we just talk so much random shit but I like that you can see us in shibuyaaa :D

Erina didnt tell us where we were going to eat she was just saying "we are going to an interesting place" so we all wondered what interesting could mean... in japan everything XDD
It turned out to be that we were going to the Alcatraz restaurant!! I have seen it before on galileo (german tv) and now I experienced it by myself hihi It was a bit scary but soo funny! They screamed and made loud sirene noises like someone broke out the jail or something and then indisuguised guys came in with white masks and stuff!! 

Also the food is matching the theme. Take a look what we drank haha

Eyeballs in our drinks!! Of course it was candy but it looked scary :D
We shared some pasta, fried chicken and edamame before we all went home again.

I really had an awsome time we talked for hours and hours and had so much fun together even if we just got to know each other haha

I hope we can hang out again as long as we are here ^-^

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