Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tokyo Day 7 - Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Hello gaaaals!

Yes another entry this day wohoo

Yesterday we went to Ikebukuro for a bit more shopping :3
I told Jasmin that the Sunshine City has a lot of cool and affordable stuff so we went there and of course also found something xD

Me in a street in Ikebukuro

And me photobombing Jasmins picture of the street :D

It was really awsome to be in Ikebukuro again and I felt soooo comfortable! I guess it was because at my last stay in Japan our hotel was in Ikebukuro so we spent a lot of time there back then! It was really nice to be back again and even find some more exciting shops :)

 Ouhh Im so lazy when it comes to taking pictures of my buys... I think I will just sum it up in  Germany. But maybe you are lucky and I get my lazy ass up some day in Tokyo hihi

Our shoppingbags were all piiiiiiink

At 8 pm the Sunshine City closed so we went to a Purikura place again hihi
I just wished Id looked in real life as skinny as in a Puri booth XDD

Well I think all of our purikura went out great that day. I guess we are getting better and better woohoo! ^-^

So yeah.. quite a short entry hu? xD Today we were in Shibuya again and I bought so much stuff at the One Piece Store for my boyfriend!!! I cant wait to show it all to him :D After he saw it I can upload the pictures of it :)

Thank you for reading!!! <3 br="">

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