Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tokyo Day 4 - Shibuya and Izakaya

Helloo ^-^

Today will be a really short entry... but yesterday we didnt really do anything exciting xD We went for shopping in 109 again and of course we found something in d.i.a haha
I have to charge the batterie of my camera atm so I will post a picture of what I bought tomorrow.

I also bought some socks for my boyfriend with stuff he likes! But I wont show them either because its a surprise for him ^-^
However I can show you the socks I bought for myself. Grzegorz likes Naruto and I like pink thats why I bought them. It reminds me of us together. Ohhh so cheesy I know xD

After the shopping we went to an Izakaya again. Actually I wanted to show Jasmin the one Ive been to the day before but I just couldnt find it anymore ,___, I know we have been so near because I could remember so many other shops and signs but the Izakaya was nowhere to find bleee.
So instead we went to another one but it was pretty expensive and the waiters didnt understand us...
 Well at least they had some yummy lemon sour^^

Before leaving shibuya again and heading back home to our hotel we wanted to take some Puris again. This one is my favourite XDD I just wanted to look weird and ended up looking like doing this "blowjob face" and Jasmin doesnt look much better XD So that explains the penises... but when Jasmin drew the little points ehem.. I just could think of "make it rain on them hoes" and HAD TO write it down xDD Sorry mumi and daddy your daughter is so fucked up.

And here is the rest of our session!

So yeah thats basically it. Today we went to Hanabi in Odaiba and somehow managed to wear our Yukatas :D Im so proud of us we really looked so damn kawaii in this super fucking hot piece of fabric but more about it tomorrow ^-^

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