Friday, August 9, 2013

Tokyo Day 3 - Harajuku, Shinjuku, Izakaya and Atom

Oohhh myy hey there!
Its been a while I know but weve been so busy lately! But I have plenty of pics for you so lets go ^-^

Yesterday Jasmin and I went to Harajuku and this was my outfit/face
I wore my blonde wig hihi

Spam spam spam but I loved how I looked that day.
Me in front of the Takeshita dori

Arriving there we first took some Purikura and I even have a video for you whre you can watch us doing purikura.. xD
But first some results

Arent we beautiful? XD I love taking derp Puris!
So after this little session we went to Kiddyland because Jasmin likes Rilakkuma and I couldnt also resist buying something. A small stepcounter. ITS PIIIIINK AND OH SO CUTE

We also sat down and ate something since I was craving for some pasta. I guess it was their advertisement which made me hungry xD
So I ate some carbonara and broccoli

The last thing we bought in Harajuku were Yukatas for tomorrows Hanabi. I hope we will be able to wear them since neither Jasmin nor me have ever worn a Yukata before XD But we will see!

We went home quite early so we could sleep a bit before going to meet up with some more friends to party but unfortunately after I woke up Jasmin didnt feel good so I just left alone to meet Ina, Fabio and Nicole in Shinjuku where we planned to go to a psytrance party. 
In Shinjuku

As we walked to the Club Ina got the feeling that it would be better to not go to psytrance but instead heading over back to Shibuya to go to club Atom. I dont know what she was feeling but afterwards Im really happy she did because I had an awsome night in Atom!!

So before leaving to Shibuya we went for Purikura xD

It was something after Midnight when we arrived at Shibuya station and since Ina told us that the club wont be full before 2am we went to an Izakaya first. It was a really nice one. The drinks were cheap and the food was good. We shared some Takoyaki, Gyoza and other stuff. Edamame and water were for free!!

We ordered with a tablet which was so cool I think!
 Fabio, Nicole,
me and Ina

After we all finished we finally headed over to Atom!!! Unfortunately Nicole was 19 and nobody of us knew so we had a little Problem at first because in Japan it is only allowed to party when you are at least 20 years old and she couldnt just go home because the first trains will drive after 5 am again. Im glad Fabio was so nice to go with her to Karaoke so Ina and I could go inside the club. IT WAS SO FUCKING AWSOME OH MA GAD!!! I LOVED the music they played. It was a mix of so many old songs from Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and other disco songs but played in germany like.. over a year ago and fucking good electro shit like Knife Party and a LOT of Bingo Players. Oh and one direction. YES ONE DIRECTION XDD I can not believe I actually danced to it when it came up for the third time lol

At something after 5 am they closed and Ina and me went to do what?? PURIKURA AGAIN OF COURSE XDDD

As we walked to the station to split up again I recognized that the normally overcrowded Shibuya and even its famous cross was EMPTY. Weve just seen a few people but I guess they were like all coming from Atom, too soo.. xD

Me infront of the 109!!

At like 06:30 I was finally at home and fell asleep ^-^

Tomorrow morning I will blog about today! So stay tuned gals!

( I hope I didnt forget something Im so tired and its been a long day.)


ENJOY <3 p="">

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