Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tokyo Day 5 - Odaiba

Ola olaaaa

Yesterday we went to hanabi in Odaiba as I just mentioned in the post before.
A few days ago we bought Yukatas in Harajuku and we tried to look a like. We even wore matching bows and flowers ^-^

We in the elevator of our hotel

And here you can see my Yukata from the back
It took us like forever to get these on. But somehow we managed it xDD
Odaiba isnt really far away from our place but since it was a huge hanabi we had to stand in line to get the train in Shimbashi. We waited for about 30 minutes to get into an overcrowded train ,_,

But in the end it was all worth it! The firework was beautiful

We have been there for about an hour and then we left again because we didnt want to be on an overcrowded train again... well, it was crowded anyway so in the end it didnt really mattered XD

Before heading home we wanted to take Purikura first and so we did!
On our way we met some random guys we called them "gaijin hunter" ahaha we didnt really want to do something with them but they didnt let go so we went doing Purikura with them.

I hate when boys dont let go of you even if you say you have a boyfriend. Like what do they think?? Are they so convinced of theirself so they think they can get ANY girl they want? Not with Jasmin and me lol After the Purikura one of the boys said "I love you" and I was like lol yeah daisuki mo and then he grabbed my arm and I said "I told you I have a boyfriend!" After this he was a little pissed and barely talked to me again XDD His reaction just proofed me that hes a total gaijin hunter -.-

Ill upload some of the Puris anyway since I look good lol

This is a beautiful collage of all our Puris ^-^
I really like them especially the derp one haha

Here it is extra huge for you :D

 So today we had a lazy day in Toranomon and Ginza. I will blog about it tomorrow. I hope you enjoy my blog posts ^-^

(Papa, Mama und Jo und ich versuche die ganze Zeit schon Skype zu installieren aber es klappt irgendwie nicht :( Ich melde mich aufjedenfall wenn wir es hinbekommen haben oder schreibe der Jo auf Facebook. Ich hab euch alle lieb und nicht vergessen aber das wifi ist hier so ultra schlecht!!)

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