Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tokyo Day 1 - Arrival and Shibuya

Hello thereee 

Im just writing from Tokyo hihi

Jasmin and I flew with Lufthansa and we even got lucky to fly with the A380!!!
The food was really good even if sometimes a bit too much (the breakfast o_o)
but take a look ^-^
So after 10 1/2 hours we finally arrived at Narita! There we had to stand in line for one hour to go through the security checks and customs ,_,

At first we thought WE got bad luck as you can see in this picture here where we were standing but later we looked behind us and the line back there was even 2 times bigger than the one before us xDD So many people!!

And then we saw this at the exit of the airport ^-^ so cute!

After arriving at our hotel we decided to rest a bit since it was still quite early for us (12pm) and we were soooo tired from the whole journey. So later we went to Shibuya to do a bit window shopping, purikura and to buy some hairstraightener and curling iron!

On our way
 (these were our tickets from Toranomon /it sounds like a digimon right??/ to shibuya)

And this was really all I got today xD
Eyedrops, hairspray and a curling iron. Not the best but for 980 yen I wont complain xD

Oh and fooooood!!

So as we sat down on the sidewalk suddenly a girl crushed in our conversation and said shes from Switzerland! We talked a bit when I asked her if she knows where we could do Puris together she said shes only waiting for a friend and then they could show us! So did they but we also asked them to join our first session and they agreed ^-^

Ladies and Gentlemen... the first Puri of us XDD We didnt get that it had already started lol but the other ones turned out quite good in my opinion!

Me with Jasmin!! We look so cute in this DAKOTA ROSE machine ahaha but this puri machine didnt have any glitter things to ad buhu ,__,

Me with one of the swiss gals! Shes called Roxana ^-^

And now we all together! Me, the both Jasmins and Roxana hihi
Sadly they leave tomorrow night but we had a great talk and it was nice to meet them ^-^

Actually Jasmin and I decided to go back to the hotel again but then Ive seen a girl waiting near the Hachiko and I thought shed look like Alaska Gold (the girl I wanted to meet in Japan) but I wasnt sure so I said to Jasmin that we will just pass by and if she says something we know its her XDD
AND SHE WAS IIIIT. So cool!! We are both from germany and met by total coincidence in Shibuya haha Well, it was planned to meet her but I didnt think it would happen so fast :D

One last picture and then Ill go to bed (its 2:30 here atm uuhh!)

In Shibuyaaa

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