Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Post Before Flying To Japan

Hey guys!

I just wanted to leave a small post before japan. The last couple of weeks I havent been to school because its finally over but instead of relaxing everything is still so stressful ~
Finding a job really isnt easy ,_, But somehow I still managed to do a lot of cool things the past weeks especially the week before because I got a whole week off!! They didnt need me and it was just a super happy coincidence that Grzegorz mother drove to Polen so I could stay nearly two weeks at his place!! 

We had a fun time together and went to the cinema 2 times for Wolverine and Pacific Rim. The second one was totally awesome! To be honest I thought it would be boring for me because Pacific Rim looked like a movie for boys with a super stupid story and stuff but in fact I was really fascinating and I loved the amount of action in it! The story wasnt that bad either :3 

After the movie we went out and sat near the Main river to watch the fireworks
In these weeks Ive also been to the gym a lot since hes living directly next to it and I got better at running ^-^ Im so proud hihi oh and I got sooo obsessed with Bleach! We just finished watching Star Trek Enterprise lol and needed something new to watch so Grzegorz came up with Bleach and now I cant stop watching it :DD

During the time I havent blogged I also went out to eat a lot XD 

Here for example with a former classmate of mine to cafe Mozart!
And here I was with my boyfriend at nushu for the 71039123th time :D :D THE FOOD IS JUST SO GOOD and the pic after was at a restaurant in my village ^-^
But I dont only want to post about fooooood! Bingo Players for example came to Würzburg well, one of them came since the other one has to fight cancer atm o; However I LOVE THEIR MUSIC and from the first second I heard theyd come here I knew I HAD TO go and see them! And I have to say it was soo cooooool!! Sadly they only played 1 1/2 hours but these 1 1/2 hours were so energetic and I was so full of happyness gnaaaargggg <3 p="">
Heres a stupid picture of me from that day. I didnt laughed because people where watching me ideky and then I felt stupid taking pics of myself but I wanted to have at least one since Ive never been to a colourfestival before and wanted to keep that moment ^-^

Alsoooo I went to the Kiliani a few more times. One time with my work, one time with chris and  the other times with my boyfriend.

Here I am with Chris and a friend of him!

Oh yeees and I havent styled up for aggggeees now xD I just didnt want to buy new lashes before tokyo.. I dont see a reason when I can get them cheaper there! So tomorrow is the big day! My feelings are so mixed up. In one hand Im super duper over excited to go to japan again and omg I can not hold my feels!!! And omg I can not wait to fly with the A380! *0* My mom is so jealous lol but on the other hand I didnt think it would bother me SO much that I wont see my beloved Grzegorz for such a long time ,____, I think that I stayed the last weeks at his place just made me get so used to his surrounding and love and buhuuuu but I have to look forward and maybe its right what you say about love.. it grows with the miles tihi <3 p="">

Anyway I cant wait to get dressed up all again gnahahaha

So next time youll read here something will be from tokyo :333


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