Friday, August 16, 2013

Tokyo Day 8 - Shibuya One Piece Store

Hello followers!

Puuhh Im sorry for the lack of updates ,_, but sharing a laptop isnt really easy!
Plus we dont have much time during the day because we either sleep lol or are outside the hotel exploring tokyo (shopping)

Sooo on our 8th day we went to Shibuya to search for the One Piece shop and we found it whoo!!

I bought so much stuff for my boyfriend hihi
but I will show it to you in germany after he has seen it :)

Getting ready for that day took Jasmin really long.. thats why I decided to camwhore a bit lol

With my new cap!! It was only 980 yen from shunshine city. First Ive seen one for 2980 yen but I thought oww maybe I will find a cheaper one later. Thats when I found my cap for 1980 and wanted to buy it but then Ive also seen that there was a 70% discount on it whohooo so lucky!!!

My shoes in the first picture are also from the Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. Actually they are a europpean size 38 but Ive already been partying in them and they didnt hurt :3 

Sooo that day we didnt really do much more than shopping in the One Piece Store and... Purikura of course :D

Here are the Puris from that day

I will end this post with some lashes I bought the last days ^-^
Next time I will blog about our day in Akihabara!!! We dressed up as maids haha
Byebeee <3 p="">

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