Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tokyo Day 6 - Toranomon, Ginza, Tokyo Tower and Hooters

Hey there!
Sorry that we didnt blog yesterday but we thought if we just go to bed after coming home we would be finally able to sleep well. Yeah Jasmin could but I still couldnt sleep until something after 5 am again ,___,

HOWEVER the day before yesterday we had a lazy day without make up!!! Gosh my face felt so good lol 

We decided to explore a bit the area around our hotel and guess what we found? A super cute forest with some shrines and cute little statues.

Take a look!

It was really loud in there because of the insects. Since you can see the Tokyo Tower from our hotelroom we decided to go there.

Arriving there we found a cute Crepe and Bubble Tea store

I stole this picture from Jasmin because its pretty cool I think and I only had my phone with me which took crappy pictures.

The Tokyo Tower!!!

 lol yeah no make up face and wet hair

In the evening we went to Ginza because they have a Hooters and we love Hooters!! The girls there are so sexy and the food is gooood!

We had Melon Soda and Curly fries

Later two american guys asked Jasmin for two cigarettes and she surely agreed and then something super awsome happened... they invited us for shots and everyone could decide for a cocktail. He said we gave them cigarettes so they give us cocktails :D :D SO COOL!!!

At something before midnight they closed and we had to go home to catch the last trains. This was Ginza by night so beauitful!
We even saw an Aquarium with sharks but the video uploads for forever so I will upload it later. I still have to show you my recent gets haha /DD

Yesterday we went to Ikebukuro Sunshine City and today we are going to Shibuya again ^-^
Maybe Ill blog about Ikebukuro tonight!!! Byebeee

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