Monday, August 8, 2011

7th day / Harajuku / Yoyogi / Akihabara

Heyoo whats up. 
Ramona and Barbara are still sleeping so I decide to blog about yesterday.
Since it was sunday we went to harajuku to go on the Meji bridge.
I think you all know the famous pics of decoras and lolitas but when we arrived it was EMPTY !!!
It was really disappointing because decora has been a part of me and this was one of my first wishes for Japan ):
Maybe it was too hot ? ( we always have 32°C -34°C and in the night 27°C or 25°C )
Well...however since we were there Barbara wanted to see a Tempel so we walked through yoyogi park I guess.

We found somebody who took lots of pics of us !

Omg please ignore that Im so fucking pale. I want to be tanned so hard !! Hope I can save some money to go tanning soon DDD:

Oh and look at Barbaras new wig haha. It was a gift from SBY a shop in Harajuku.

Finally we arrived !!

Before we found this temple we found something super special awesome !!!
My beloved Barbie shop. I love Barbie *0*
I bought this purse. PURE LOVE !!!

However in the evening we went to Akihabara. I dont have a lot of pics from there because I was really disappointed I didnt catch anything from the UFO catcher ):
I never have luck with these !! NEVER ): This makes me sad. buhuhuhu.

Aaand just a quick pic from Ikebukuro

We had dinner in KFC but we ordered WAY TOO FUCKIN MUCH !!!
Ramona somehow had 3 french fries LOL
And somehow I had 10 chickenthings..

LOL 3 persons dinner.
Of course we  couldnt eat everything but we didnt want to through it away ! It was too much.
So we remembered of the 2 homeless we see everytime when we go to train station and decided to gift them the food. Better than throughing it away and they seemed to be really happy about it !! Im glad..
But I dont hope that its forbidden or something o_o

Weeell...plans changed today. Tomorrow is disneyland, we overslept again  so we go to Sunshine city shopping and to Tokyo Tower at night !!


  1. huhu^^ seit jahren sind die nimmer auf der brücke ^^; ab und zu vereinzelnt mal am sonntag so 2-5 stück ^^; also 2004 und 2005 wars noch voll 2009, 2010 war keiner mehr da XD

  2. :O I was disappointed too when I went to Harajuku bridge. I went 3 times and it was empty, and the third time there was a little crowd but it was RAINING so everybody had an umbrella and I couldn't see their outfits =_= So gloomy~~
    I think that you did a good thing giving the food to those homeless! :)
    Hope you enjoy Disneyland and also the Tokyo Tower at night, it's WONDERFUL!!! ;D

  3. Das Barbie Portemonnaie ist wirklich pure Liebe *0*
    Good choice :3

    btw. sehen deine Nägel genial aus, kannst du genaue Bilder von denen posten ? ♥



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